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Paladin Twisted Pair Tools, Paladin

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Tools For Twisted Pair Cable

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CAT-5 and CAT-5e applications take high quality tools to make the connections that will transmit all bytes required for today's software. Our professional products are designed to support commercial projects and the economical tools are great for the home "do-it-yourselfer". Paladin Tools is the only American company offering a full range of interchangeable crimp tool dies for Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), already common in Europe. STP connectors will likely become part of the CAT-6 standard when it is finalized.

Professional installers look for these features in our UTP/STP data cable tools:

  • One tool for cutting and stripping UTP and STP, the AM 12 (P/N 1112)
  • Ergonomically designed crimp tools keep the hand work easy
  • Interchangeable crimp tool dies for RJ45 modular adapters for both Western Electric/Stewart Stamping and AMP (Tyco) style connectors
  • Combination 110/66 punchdown blades for the SurePunchTM PDT
  • Punch and cut 23 AWG UTP in one cycle using ProPunchTM multi-pair punchdown tool
  • Easy to read displays on our testers
  • Accessories like belt pouches and holsters that keep the tools handy
  • Kits that contain all the needed tools

Datacomm cable installation companies know that every installation crew does not have an expensive cable certifier. Paladin Tools makes testers that can check for over 90% of common cable problems due to opens, shorts, miswires and split pairs. We make affordable testers for each crew that can be used before the cable certifiers arrive, which makes your certifier specialists more efficient and able to generate more revenue. Testing data cables locally or through walls is simple with the LAN ProNavigator tester The LAN ProNavigator is a great tester for every crew to have on their belts.

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1300 Series Crimp Tool FramePaladin PA1302
1300 Series Crimp Tool Frame
Part Number: 70333
$36.20Add To Cart
Am 25 Cable Jacket Slitter , 0.18 - 1" PVC/FEPPaladin PA1820
Am 25 Cable Jacket Slitter , 0.18 - 1" PVC/FEP
Part Number: 70033
$49.12Add To Cart
Cable Stripper, Adjustable UTP, Am 12Paladin PA1112
Cable Stripper, Adjustable UTP, Am 12
Part Number: 70478
$25.25Add To Cart
CrimpAll Tool FramePaladin PA8000
CrimpAll Tool Frame
Part Number: 70527
$49.69Add To Cart
D-Sub Indent Crimp Tool 20-12 AWGPaladin PA1461
D-Sub Indent Crimp Tool 20-12 AWG
Part Number: 70335
$33.69Add To Cart
Data SureStripPaladin PA1116
Data SureStrip
Part Number: 70559
$17.47Add To Cart
Die Set 1300/8000 Series RJ45Paladin PA2061
Die Set 1300/8000 Series RJ45
Part Number: 70350
$21.89Add To Cart
Die Set Cat 6/7 1370 SS STP RJ45 Short BodyPaladin PA2670
Die Set Cat 6/7 1370 SS STP RJ45 Short Body
Part Number: 70439
$21.89Add To Cart
Die Set Cat 6/7 1373 Molex STP RJ45 For 5MM CablePaladin PA2673
Die Set Cat 6/7 1373 Molex STP RJ45 For 5MM Cable
Part Number: 70442
$21.89Add To Cart
Die Set Cat 6/7 1374 Molex/Amp STP RJ45 For 6MM CablePaladin PA2674
Die Set Cat 6/7 1374 Molex/Amp STP RJ45 For 6MM Cable
Part Number: 70443
$21.89Add To Cart
Die Set, RJ45 8-Wire AmpPaladin PA2064
Die Set, RJ45 8-Wire Amp
Part Number: 70353
$21.89Add To Cart
Mini-Stripax PlusPaladin PA1115P
Mini-Stripax Plus
Part Number: 70153
$106.00Add To Cart
Punch Down StripperPaladin PA1913
Punch Down Stripper
Part Number: 70528
$5.73Add To Cart
Replacement Blades For Am 25/35 Slitters, 70033Paladin PA2109
Replacement Blades For Am 25/35 Slitters, 70033
Part Number: 70151
$14.45Add To Cart
Stripax Pro 6 Wire Stripper/CutterPaladin PA1113
Stripax Pro 6 Wire Stripper/Cutter
Part Number: 70500
$92.00Add To Cart
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