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Professional Quality Digital Component Video Cable, 15 FT

Professional Quality Digital Component Video Cable, 15 FT
Price: $33.18
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Our Professional Quality Component Video Cables provide High Definition video signals between DVD players and high-end TV's, monitors and projectors for optimum picture resolution and color. Precision 75-Ohm Impedance for maximum signal transfer. Low-attenuation, foamed cellular dielectric, terminated in 24k gold plated heavy duty RCA color-coded, molded connectors.

The way to get the best DVD picture is to use component video connections (if you have them) between your DVD player and your TV or projector. Component-progressive is preferred when you have both progressive and interlaced options.

For the vast majority of DVD users who don't have component capability in either their players or their display systems, the next best thing is S-video. If you are one of the large majority of DVD enthusiasts who are running composite video out of your DVD player and inadvertently degrading the picture as a result, give yourself a quality upgrade--get an S-video cable as soon as possible.

Basic Features
Connector TypeRCA RCA
Length (In Feet)   15 FT 15 FT
Extended Features
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