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Cables,     6 FT, S-Video Cables
Cables,     6 FT, S-Video
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S-Video Cable, 6 FT

S-Video Cable, 6 FT
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The term S-Video is derived from the way the video signal is transmitted. In S-Video, the signal is separated into two components, hense the term Separate Video or S-Video. Two 75-Ohm coaxial cables and a Mini-DIN 4 connector are utilized to transmit the two component signals. One of the coaxial cables carries the Luminance Signal (brightness or Y component) while the second 75-Ohm coaxial cable carries the Chrominance signal (color or C component). By separating the video signal signal into two components, a better quality picture is produced than composite video thaat utilizes one coaxial cable to transmit both signals.

  • Length of Cable: 6 feet
  • Dual coaxial cables support high quality video signal transmission
  • Gold plated contacts reduce signal loss
  • Molded strain reliefs produce a durable cable assembly
Basic Features
Connector TypeS-Video S-Video
Length (In Feet)    6 FT 6 FT
Extended Features
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