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Siemon CAT 6 Products
Wallplates, Jacks & Inserts, Siemon CAT 6 Products, Siemon, Jacks
Wallplates, Jacks & Inserts, Siemon CAT 6 Products, Yellow, Jacks
Wallplates, Jacks & Inserts, Siemon CAT 6 Products, Yellow, Siemon
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Wallplates, Jacks & Inserts, Siemon CAT 6 Products, Yellow, Siemon, Siemon Max 6 Jacks, Jacks
Siemon Max 6 Jacks

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3/26/2023 3:10:02 PM

Siemon Z6A-05 10G 6 Max Jack, Angled Yellow

Siemon?s new 10G 6 MAX Modules not only exceed all category 6 component requirements to 250 MHz, they are also fully qualified out to 300 MHz*. This superior level of performance is achieved via an enhanced circuit board design, optimization of jack pin geometry, and stringent inspection and quality control procedures. The end result is the best performing UTP outlet available.


  • Easy Installation - Install from either front or rear of faceplate
  • Universal Wiring T568A and T568B wiring compatible
  • High-Density Solutions Side-stackable for maximum density
  • Familiar Termination-Terminates with standard 110 termination tools
  • Quick Identification Icons provided for port identification
  • Include one color-matching, one red and one blue icon
  • Door color is clear for red, yellow,blue and orange angled modules
  • Protective Doors Protective doors available to minimize exposure to dust and other contaminants
  • Backward compatible with category 5e and lower patch cords
Notes: *Performance from 250-300 MHz based on extrapolated TIA/EIA limits.Siemon Cat 6 Products

Emerging, high bandwidth services and the adoption of higher speed Ethernet standards, like Gigabit Ethernet and now 10 Gigabit Ethernet, are creating an environment where Internet Protocol (IP) and the delivery of advanced IP services like Voice over IP, IP videoconferencing and IP-based security are becoming common applications. Increasingly, voice, data and video networks are being converged onto a single infrastructure and the demand for reliability and Quality of Service (QoS) has never been greater. A reliable high-performance structured cabling system, built to handle these bandwidth intensive applications, is the fundamental asset required to enable today's leading organizations to increase productivity and sales while decreasing operational costs. Specifically, a structured cabling system capable of delivering 10Gb/s services is the minimum requirement to ensure future compatibility with emerging services. To this end, The Siemon Company has created the 10G ip Cabling System.

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ColorYellow Yellow
ManufacturerSiemon Siemon
Product FamilySiemon CAT 6 Products Siemon CAT 6 Products
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